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About Us

Some of the folks we've done work for...

Audio Ninja realizes that it's all about talking to the consumer... not at them.  When was the last time you heard something do that?  Audio Ninja will take the time to craft an audio element that will reach up from the pile of noise and mediocrity, wave its arm and say, "You need to hear this!"  Simply put, people will remember the message... and you. Our produced elements can cleverly get in the head of your target demographic, install the pertinent information and quietly escape without them knowing what happened. Like a ninja.  An audio ninja.
Why Our Mom Is Proud

- 25+ years experience in the broadcast industry
- Clients include national and regional award winners (including National Association of Broadcasters)
- Multiple award-winning producer of recorded audio elements
- Market exclusive for radio (using Arbitron data)

- Work has been featured nationally (including FMQB's Raging Productionā€‹ and The Conclave annual radio convention)

The Tale of the (Audio) Tape

EXPERIENCE - Audio Ninja combines twenty-plus years in the broadcast industry with award-winning production to bring you a superior audio product. In other words, we know what we're doing and we do it well.

- Audio Ninja employs equipment that is broadcast industry-standard and we know how to use it. That means your finished product will be of the highest quality.

ā€‹RESOURCEFULNESS - Audio Ninja takes pride in the fact that if we need something to complete a project, we'll find it.  A specific type of music... a soundbyte... an effect...  it doesn't matter.  We'll get what we need in order to fulfill our commitment to you while still realizing your vision.ā€‹