Sound Ideas iā€‹n Audio Production


This is a promo we did for WAPL in NE Wisconsin that won an award in 2009 from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for best in the state!  Beware... you'll be humming the tune for the rest of the day!ā€‹

  • WAPL - Wheel of Xmas Wonder 20090:41

  • Razor 94.7 - Leinie's Honey Money Roll [2004]0:43

  • Thunderhill Raceway [2006]1:00

  • Razor 94.7 - Mr. Rogers Sweeper0:46

  • WAPL - Van Halen Fast Action1:02

  • Half Empty intro [short] mix0:50

  • CHW Radiothon 2003 - Riley [clip]1:41

ā€‹ā€‹A clip from another WAPL promo we put together for a Van Halen reunion a few years ago...

Here's one of our promos from WZOR (Razor 94.7) in Green Bay.  This won the same award in 2004.

From WZOR, a piece of imaging that allows you to see Mr. Rogers in a whole new way...

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin held a radiothon each year as a fundraiser which annually raised tens of thousands of dollars.  We were charged with the task of setting patient stories to music which were used during the event.  Here's a clip of one of the many stories we've done over the years.

Here's an ad we put together for a local racetrack. We can't lie... we love racetrack spots!

We also do voiceovers for video. All sorts of video. Seriously.

A Wisconsin cover band -- Half Empty -- was looking for a new intro to be played before their shows and came to us.  Here's a bit of what we produced for them...

  • WAPL FYI - Door County Renaissance Faire 20130:59

Here's a recent award winner for the Door County Renaissance Fair.  Beware the dragon!