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Audio Production

Our bread and butter.  Audio Ninja's expertise stems out of the radio industry and has imaged and branded a number of stations of varying formats.  The award-winning production department can produce an audio element that specifically fits your needs:

Recorded Advertisements - ANP has the capability to write, voice and produce a spot for your business, group or event that stands out from the advertising muck and grabs the attention of the listener.

Radio Station/Podcast Imaging - Audio Ninja has won numerous awards over the last decade imaging and branding radio stations, some of which have gained national recognition.  ANP can craft an imaging package that reflects the demeanor of your station or podcast. Available for retainer.

Specialized Audio - It's not only about the big projects.  Whether it be a clever introduction to a work project or a kickin' intro for your band, Audio Ninja can do single pieces of audio to make your presentation pop!

Audio Salvage

Chances are you have vinyl that you can't listen to anymore because you no longer have a turntable and/or you can't find it on any other format.  Audio Ninja has a way of taking that vinyl record and transferring it to a different format so you may once again enjoy it.  Not only that, if it's full of pops and crackles we can clean up the audio before the transfer.  And we don't mean just wiping dust off the record.  We have some pretty cool technology that will remove the nasty pops and make the audio sound stellar.

Got any reel-to-reel tapes?  We may be able to help you with those, too.  There's no pops and crackles as much as there is tape hiss but we can eliminate that and transfer the audio to a more accessible format.